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    Pathway Dysregulation

    Hover to see the number and % of genes in each pathway which are dysregulated. P-values are Benjamini-Hochberg corrected.

    Circles are sized according to the negative log of the p-value.

    -log(p) = 6
    -log(p) = 4
    -log(p) = 2

    Color reflects magnitude of Z-score (predicted activation).

    • –3
    • –1.5
    • 0
    • +1.5
    • +3
    Circles with green outlines indicate pathways manually included in analysis, despite non-significance after FDR correction.

    Custom Heatmaps

    Select from a list of non-IPA gene groups to display an interactive heatmap, or create your own by selecting the '+' option.

    Group unknown

    0 pathways

    No description available.

    = ratio of dysregulated genes, from 0% (left) to 100% (right)
    = -log(p-value), scaled according to numbers below bar
    = degree of activation (positive Z-score)
    = degree of inhibition (negative Z-score)
    Pathway Group

    Pathway Title

    X pathways

    Log-transformed expression data, relative to control. Genes with no detectable expression in any sample are excluded.

    Colored bars indicate significance with q-val < 0.05. More info

    Group -log(p-val) 0.0 Z-score: 0.0 Ratio: 0 dysregulated (0%)
    Predicted pathway activation by group

    Z-scores (pathway activation prediction) sorted
    by groups of pathways.


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